Believe it or not, nobody can read minds. (Wouldn’t it be awesome though?) So, if there is something going on between you and your partner—that you don’t like, you should speak up and tell them. Maybe it bothers you when your partner doesn’t listen to you or you may not like it when they call you a certain nickname. Good communication lets you express your needs and wants with each other. Talking about it is a sign of a healthy relationship.


What if you see your partner talking to someone else? Do you trust that it’s just friendly conversation? Or do you think the worst and assume they are cheating? Trusting your partner that they remain true to their words is a really important part of building a healthy relationship. What if you told your friend or your partner that you would see them on Saturday, but now you have a chance to go to a concert with someone else? Do you keep your word, so that your partner can trust you? Keeping your promises and considering your friend’s feelings are parts of a healthy relationship.


Being in a relationship does not mean you have to love everything the other person likes. But it does mean you shouldn’t hate on what they like, either. Being in a healthy relationship means respecting your partner’s likes, beliefs, opinions, values, and cultural background. You may not love everything your partner loves, but it’s still important to respect and celebrate those differences with each other.

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Healthy Decisions

Making healthy decisions is important to staying on track with your goals for the future. When it comes to preventing a teen pregnancy, abstinence is the best and healthiest choice! That means waiting and not having sex. If you are sexually active, you can still choose not to have sex. But if you choose to have sex, then using a birth control method that will protect you every time — and using it correctly — is very important! There are lots of methods to prevent pregnancy, probably more than you think! Nothing is perfect (except abstinence). Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Check out the interactive “Method Explorer” developed by the people at to find out more about each method.